Commit 54f88643 authored by Dan Thomson's avatar Dan Thomson

[#1] Fix test for requried values

parent dd5c1ff7
Pipeline #2606 passed with stage
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- name: Make sure plone_instance_name is set!
msg: "'plone_instance_name' isn't set!"
when: plone_instance_name is None
when: not plone_instance_name
- name: Make sure plone_install_method is set!
msg: "'plone_install_method' isn't set!"
when: plone_install_method is None
when: not plone_install_method
- name: Load {{ ansible_distribution }} {{ ansible_distribution_major_version }} variables
include_vars: "{{ file | basename }}" # This include_vars module is kind of dumb, so we need to test the full path but only include basename
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