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#### Abstract:
The CANadian Rare isotope facility with Electron Beam ion source (CANREB) High Resolution Separator (HRS) at TRIUMF has been designed to reach a resolution of 20000; in order to reach this high resolution, a multipole corrector will be used to fine tune the beam between the dipole magnets.
This multipole consists of 44 rods in a rectangular configuration, matching to the beam's unique shape between the magnets.
With XZ symmetry, there are 23 independent poles.
This makes manual tuning impractical.
A novel scheme for tuning this multipole has been proposed consisting of determining the pole voltages by mapping the multipole potential to correct for aberrations detected in emittance scan data.
The TRIUMF CANadian Rare isotope facility with Electron Beam ion source (CANREB) High Resolution Separator (HRS) has been designed to separate rare iso-
topes with mass/charge differences of only one part in 20 000 in beams with transverse
emittances of 3 μm. To reach this high resolution, high-order aberration must be corrected using a multople corrector; from experience we know that tunning such a multipole is in practice very challenging.
The unique geometry of our multipole allowed for the development of a novel tunning method, based on determining the desired pole voltages directly from measured emmitance.
This novel tuning algorithm is presented alongside a web application which has been developed in anticipation of the commissioning of the HRS.
Lessons learned during commissioning will allow this tuning scheme to be implemented in routine operation which will serve to reduce tuning time and improve overall transmission.
#### Footnotes:
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