Commit 5765b6bd authored by Thomas Planche's avatar Thomas Planche

commented out 'set table'

parent 08c5f659
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ mcl=40./100. #multipole corrector length
RE=180.13967/100 #fitted RE (=RS) value in 'TOSCA'
set table "outFromGnuplot.dat"
#set table "outFromGnuplot.dat"
plot "mag1_center.plt" using ($10/100.*sin($22-pi/4.)+RE):($10/100.*cos($22-pi/4.)+dl) with p pt 1 lc 0 ps 1 title "magnet center",\
"ref_entrance.fai" u (-$10/100.):($14/100.) w l lt 2 lc 1 title "reference trajectory",\
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