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# Code Style
### C++
## C++
This project integrates with `clang-format` to ensure that the source code adheres to the [LLVM Coding Standards]( for C++.
Install `clang-format` locally via Homebrew (MacOS) or your preferred package manager. Run `make lint` to detect any style errors, or just run `make format` before making a commit to let the tool automatically format your code. The CI pipeline running for every commit will reject code that does not pass the linting step, ensuring that all of the code merged to the `master` branch follows the standard style.
### Scripts
## Scripts
Shell scripts located under the `scripts/` directory are also linted with [Shellcheck](, which catches all kinds of mistakes that may cause unexpected issues. You may check your scripts locally using `make shellcheck` (assuming Shellcheck is installed), or via its [web client](
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