Plot transoptr envelopes

This application is a graphical user interface for the linear envelope code TRANSOPTR. The user can choose among a set of pre-defined sections of beamlines, modify the strength of focusing element, vary the initial beam parameters, save and restore tunes, etc, and visualize the effects on the beam envelope.

Other functionality that are being developed but are not/not fully functional yet include: loading the current working tune from epics, searching for new tunes using the "optimize" functionality, loading the calculated tune into epics, display measured beam sizes.


TRANSOPTR tracks all second moments -- 6 different RMS sizes (3 angular sizes + 3 real sizes) and all statistical correlations between them -- of a particle distribution taking into account all linear forces. But linear forces only. Note: for the space-charge calculation to work properly, the initial beam sizes must be 2*RMS sizes. It can track through a large variety of beamlines elements, including accelerating rf structures. It can also take into account the effect of (linear) space-charge forces. It also includes a built-in estimation of emittance growth due to intrinsic non-linear aberrations, which is very useful to determine optimum tunes. For more details about how TRANSOPTR works, read for instance [].

Beam path selection

They are at the moment two ways to select the path -- i.e. the section of beamline -- to be displayed by the application.

  • From the lading page (http://dev.envelope.triumf.ca/) the user can select among a list paths, organized by facility (ARIEL, ISAC, ELINAC). On the lending page there is also a search bar to reduce the number of path displayed in the list. landing1

  • If you have already selected a path, but want to move to another path, use the....... pathselection2

Understand what you see

By default you will see two traces, a bunch of dots along the horizontal axis, and grey shadows around the horizontal axis.

Play with the tune

Change the initial beam properties

Save and restore tunes